Trio Tamoyo Interpreta Ritmos Variados(1960)

Prestige DLP 1017

Vocal and instrumental Trio Tamoyo for the first and probably the last time in this parallel reality with their first and only (?) career album, released in 1958.

As you might imagine, about the trio I can tell you only what I understood by reading the back cover text written by Aurelio de Abreu in which their career is described. Unfortunately, only two initial members (who have decided to form a trio) are named but the family name of the second is not clearly legible and the name of the third member (which they have hopefully found in due time) is not mentioned at all.

So  the trio consists of: 1. Ary Silva, 2. José Roberto (de Ribamar ?) and 3. ?

The songs performed are:

01. Assim Assim (Sandra Helena / J. Roberto / Olavo de Barros)
02. Costumes de Praia (F. A. Baltazar / Ari Monteiro)
03. Mercadora Do Mal (Arlindo Nicolau / Orlando Trindade)
04. Explicação (J. Roberto / Ari Monteiro)
05. Longe da Vida (F. A. Baltazar / Ari Monteiro)
06. Na Orla do Mar (J. Roberto / Ari Monteiro)
07. Recado Pra Yayá (Orlando Trindade / Zé Trindade)
08. Tortura (Sandra Helena / F. Ribamar / F. Assis)
09. Dance o Molengue (Orlando Trindade / Walter Levita)
10. Tormento (Sandra Helena / F. Ribamar / F. Assis)
11. Beijo Demorado (Ari Monteiro)
12. Mambo Quente (Sandra Helena / Ari Silva / Olavo de Barros)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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