Josmar Assis – Sonhos d’Alma (1974)

Beverly BLP-80080

Josmar Assis for the first time on Parallel Realities with an unlisted LP from 1974, which could be easily his first one, as I have found that he released at least one more career album: In 1983.
To keep up the suspense, I will not tell you which instrument Josmar Assis plays. but the back cover features a text about him written by Maestro Carlos Lacerda which you may find interesting.

The compositions performed are:

01. Gotas de Lágrimas (Mozart Bicalho)
02. Serenata de Schubert (Schubert)
03. Saara (Josmar Assis)
04. Pensando (João Torres / Sairo Simões)
05. Última Inspiração (Peterpan)
06. Sonhos d’Alma (Josmar Assis)
07. Fascination (F. D. Marchetti)
08. Um Cantinho No Mar (Clodoaldo Brito)
09. Brincando de Ciranda (Josmar Assis)
10. Abismo de Rosas (A. Jacomino)
11. Foi Bota Sinhá (Waldemar Henrique / Antonio Tavermard)
12. Romance de Amor (Antonio Rovina)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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