Arnaldo da Guitarra – Madrugada (1990)

MusiColor 463.494.016

About guitar player Arnaldo da Guitarra unlisted on Memoria Musical and his also unlisted album Madrugada I can tell you only what is displayed on the labels and it is not much:
The name of the recording, the MusiColor serial number and the track list;

01. Madrugada (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
02. Corpo Quente (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
03. Ligeirinho (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
04. Oi Tensão (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
05. Melô do Agressor (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
06. Cochicho (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
07. Melô do Ingrato (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
08. Neguinho Assanhado (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
09. Preciso de Você (Arnaldo Santos) Ed. Law
10. Pout-pourri:
      Maringá (Joubert de Carvalho) Ed Vitale
      Kalu (Humberto Teixeira) Ed. Addaf (Rio Musical)
      Asa Branca (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira) Ed. Addaf (Rio Musical)

The probability that Arnaldo‘s real name is Arnaldo Santos seems high, as an Arnaldo Santos is listed as the composer of almost all compositions…


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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